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Upgrading the RAM in your MacBook Pro is quite simple.

Ensuring that your Mac is ‘turned off’, turn it over so the base of the laptop is facing up and you can see the 10 screws holding the base plate in.

Next, remove the screws, note that the top four screws are different and so place them in a way that you will remember  the order in which they are to be fixed.

After removing the screws carefully lift off the base plate to reveal the battery and the logic board.

you will see over to the right the memory that you will want to upgrade.

Next opening the two side clips the memory will pop up allowing you easily remove it from its slot.

Now reverse the last process by sliding your new memory into the slot and ensuring its held firmly in place by tow clips.

Next replace the base plate and screw into place.

Flip your laptop over and turn it on, then once booted ctrl+click on the apple logo top left of the screen and click on ‘About this Mac’, you will then see your new memory total next to memory item in the open dialogue window.