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Is the fan in your laptop noisy?

I mean really noisy like its racing and about to take off? well the answer to that question is a simple one.

The fan blows air through what looks like a small radiator built into the side of your laptop, this is cooling your CPU and keeping your laptop from over heating.

Over the years dust particles and other foreign bodies are sucked up by the fan through the vent on the underside of your laptop and then they become trapped inside the the radiator part of the cooling system. This causes the fan to race or work harder as it tries to keep your laptop cool as the air flow has become restricted.

So the thing to do is to clean out the fan with a good blast of air, You should never blow compressed air through the vents as this can cause debris to jam the fan which will then mean your laptop will over heat.  You will have  to perform a  strip down of the laptop by usually removing the keyboard unplugging the lcd panel and sometimes removing the motherboard. This usually takes about an hour to complete, and normally at the same time I tend to replace the thermo compound that is between the CPU and the heatsink as over the years it does tend to dry out.

Once repaired you may even notice a small performance gain as your laptop won’t be running quite as hot anymore.

So if your fan is noisy give me call.