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Computer problems? Has your computer gone slow? We can help solve your all of your computer and laptop issues.
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The IT Man: Laptop repairs and upgrades

Laptop Repairs

We undertake all laptop repairs and can solve most issues.

  • Computer Freezing
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • Over Heating
  • LCD Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Malware & Virus Removal

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The IT Man: Computer repairs and upgrades

Computer Repairs

We carry out most repairs for your personal computer and will soon have it up and running once again.

  • Replacement Power Supply Units (PSU)
  • Blue Screen Errors
  • Faulty Component Diagnosis
  • Slow Computer Issues Resolved
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Malware & Virus Removal

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The IT Man: Mac repairs and upgrades

Mac Repairs

As good as they are, sometimes things can go wrong, The IT Man can help.

  • File System Repair
  • Faulty Component Diagnosis
  • Question Mark Errors
  • System Speed Errors
  • Spinning Beach Ball Errors
  • Hardware Upgrades

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